Monthly Goals – August

Ahhhhhh. August is here, and so is monsoon season! Sweet, cloudy, rainy relief from those blazingly hot afternoons. We’ve had some amazing sunrises and sunsets thanks to the cloudy skies; I’ve been having a blast with my camera. I even stopped to snap some photos of the sunrise before work the other day – that little moment I took for myself before jumping into work set the tone for my whole day. (Surprise: It was a fantastic day.)

I can’t believe it’s August already! I feel like I just wrote my goals for July.

Aside from that little sunrise moment though, time once again slipped by me. I have a feeling it’s going to take a while to build positive goal-attaining habits. I’m so guilty of over-committing myself, I rarely have time for me! But I am committed to getting in the swing of things, and tackling my goals!

Here’s how I did in July:

  1. Clean my makeup brushes. I did not get around to this one (ew!) and switched to a make up sponge (temporarily) instead. This is definitely going on my August goals list.
  2. Learn more about my camera. Yes! Thanks to some photographer friends, the internet, and some personal experimentation, I learned a lot about composition, color correcting, and manual settings. Blog posts on this are in your future 😉
  3. Go to the farmers market. Of all my goals, this is the one I wanted to do the most – but I didn’t get to it. I drove by Sunday on my way to the hardware store (yay, home ownership), and caught a glimpse of the market just starting up. Definitely rolling it over to August.
  4. Write more. I did write a little more than usual, but not as much as I would have liked. I think this might become an “enduring” goal. Perhaps a series on writing exercises, inspiration, and creativity are in my future!
  5. Edit photos. Guess what? I’m almost done editing my vacay photos from Costa Rica! I snapped close to 1500 photos, so it took a while to go through them all, but I’m almost there. Yay!


Score for July: 2.5/5

Ugh. Way below my standards. Let’s see if we can do better for August! My new goals are:

  1. Clean those makeup brushes!
  2. Go to the farmers market.
  3. Update my Barre class playlists. I like to change up my music, but I’ve been too busy lately. Time to look for new music and share a few workouts with the world.
  4. Walk the river. We have a beautiful river trail, I’ve just never stopped to enjoy it. Time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of my own backyard.

Four goals, one month. Let’s do this! Share your goals in the comments – and let me know how you did in July!

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