There has to be more to life than this.

If you’ve ever thought these words, you’re in the right place. I started this blog because I believe there is so much more to life than spending 75% of my waking hours in an office. Of course, I understand that life can’t be all play and no work, but surely there’s a balance we can find between the two?

There is, and through a healthy mix of travel, adventure, creative living, and wellness, we can all find that balance.

La vita è bella. Life is beautiful.

Life is full of gorgeous vistas, fascinating people, delicious food, and wild adventures. All things I’ve experienced from behind a pen, in the safety of my home, in my head.

As a fiction writer, I’ve traversed arid deserts, humid rainforests, and unfathomable oceans. I’ve raced down sketchy alleys in thriving cities, driven a across dusty plains, and biked a breezy boardwalk.

I’ve actually experienced few of these things for myself.

As part of my ongoing quarter life crisis, I decided there had to be a better way to live life – really live it – than sitting at a desk day in and day out, before binging on Netflix at home and idly dreaming about “one day”.

What if “one day” never comes? What if I spend my whole life working, waiting for the right time to take a dream vacation, or try something new? How many experiences will I pass up? How many people will I never meet?

That thought terrifies me.

Ready, set, go!

If you’re ready to change up your life, and shed the 9-5 monotony – you’ve found the right place to start. Cheers to a life of health, happiness, adventure and creativity!